Choosing a Watch

What Fob Watch is suitable for you?

Medical watches are ideal for health care professionals who want to comply with hand hygiene regulations in the workplace. Because the watch is attached to the clothing, there is less chance of bacterial transfering to the patient as is the case of when you are wearing a wristwatch.

There are many types of medical fob watches in all different price ranges and quality for sale. What medical watch is suitable for you depends primarily on what kind of work you do and in what kind of environment you work..

By using the information below, you can choose from the various medical watches in NurseOClock UK and the most appropriate medical fob watch for you.


material watches


Plastic watches are quite strong and available in different colors, they are easy to clean and are usually quite durable.

Silicone fob watches are made of soft silicone. The watch is easy to keep hygienically clean is made of a soft material so cannot harm a patient or yourself and also protects the watch itself.

Metal watches are strong and durable but do weigh more than a plastic or silicone fob watch.


brooch pin watches


Pin. The traditional watch has a metal brooch pin for attachment to clothing. This allows the watch to sit firmly. The downside is that it must be pricked through the material of your uniform and can leave some damage. Alternatively, for the silicone fob watches, there is also a magnetic brooch available.

Clip. Nowadays there are many models with a clip attachment. With a clip, the watch can be attached, for example, onto a breast pocket.


dial watches


The dial of a medical fob watch is always upside down so that the person wearing the watch can read the time. Extra advantages of a medicaal fob watch can be that it has a second hand or a pulsecounter to determine the heartbeat of a patient. Some watches have a heart rate counter on the dial. This makes it quicker to determine the heart rate of a patient. A heart rate monitor works as the following: Wait untill the second hand is at 12 o'clock. Then count 15 heartbeats of the patient. Watch where the second hand is, and read the counter.

A date function is handy, as there is often a date to be entered on patient cards.

There are some watch models with oversized numbers and date on the dial. As a result, the time and date can be quickly read in stressful situations.


engrave watch


With many medical fob watches, it is possible to engrave a name or a personal message. This gives the watch a personal touch.


movement watch 


The Swiss Medical Design watches have an extremely precise and reliable hand made swiss movement. In the timepiece, there are five gems (ruby) used.

Most of our watches have a Japanese quartz movement. This timepiece is reliable and has a quality higher than average.

The budget models have a Chinese timepiece. This provides an inexpensive timepiece.

All our watches come with at least a 12 months warranty. Contact us directly via your account or email us if you have any questions regarding problems covered under warranty.


brands watches


Swiss Medical Design offers watches of the highest quality. The Swiss Medical Design Watches are hand made in Switzerland.

MedToolz offers a wide range of watches for the healthcare sector. The watches have a good price/quality ratio.

Lorus watches are very reliable watches with Japanese movement, popular among health care professionals..




Below you will find a short summary of the medical and nursing fob watches from our product range. For our complete range, please click here.


CHOICE   DETAILS   SCORE            
MedToolz Basic   Budget nursing watch with a quartz movement.   6+            

Lightweight plastic medical watches. Available in many colors and equipped with a large dial.



Siliconen   Silicone nursing watch are easy to clean because the dial and the brooch pin can be removed easily.   8            
Henley   Fashion watches for nurses and health care professionals.   8            
Lorus   Medical watch for nurses and doctors. Lorus is a high quality watch brand.   9            
SwissMedical   Medical Watches and Medical Fob watches. Swiss hand made high quality timepieces.   10